The AIMS tests are standards-based tests that provide educators and the public with valuable information regarding the progress of Arizona’s students toward mastering Arizona’s reading, writing, mathematics and science standards.

In the sub-sections below, you will find information and resources pertaining to the AIMS tests. Another great resource for information is The Arizona Department of Education website located at: WWW.ADE.AZ.GOV/STANDARDS.

Spring 2014 AIMS Schedule

All students enrolled with Primavera on the dates below, who have not yet met one or more of the AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards) requirements for graduation will test on:

  • Monday, April 14th – Writing (6th & 7th grades) and Science (8th grade only)
  • Tuesday, April 15th through Thursday, April 17th – Reading and Mathematics (6-8th grades)

Who Needs to be Tested?

  • Students in 3rd-8th grades participate in state testing.
  • Some students may qualify for testing accommodations.
  • All students in 6-8th grades will be tested on Reading and Mathematics
  • All 6-7th grade students are also tested on Writing.
  • All students in 8th grade are tested on Science.

AIMS Support Programs

At Primavera, we understand that students often differ in the ways they best learn and retain information. This fact has led us to develop numerous support programs and resources in order to make available helpful, relevant and personalized AIMS tutoring options that help our students succeed. Some of the diverse programs we offer include:

AIMS English & AIMS Math Electives

The purpose of these elective courses is to help students improve their reading, writing and math scores while preparing for the AIMS tests. In these courses, students will learn test-taking tips to help them be successful on the exam as well as specific strategies for each of the three tests. To sign up for these courses, students should speak with their student advisor.


This plan directly identifies your specific challenges in Math and provides specific resources to address those areas.


The AIMS readiness measurement (ARM) is an assessment to see which math topics you are strong in and where you need to improve. You can take the assessment at your own pace, and after you are done we will be able to create an individual Math Action Plan (MAP) for you to use to study and learn concepts where you need more support.

The Half-Hour Math Hour

The Half Hour Math Hour is a daily event starting January 23rd, Monday-Friday from 2:30-3:00 p.m., which will talk about the AIMS Question of the Day and help get you ready for your upcoming Math AIMS test! Check it out HERE.